Israel/France, 2005 | 100 mins

Haim Bouzaglo

Bouzaglo, Yoram Millo, Amir Gedalia, Nelly Kafsky

Eldi, a high-school teacher and a class tutor, 40 years old, is in a midlife crisis.

He just returned from a long army reserve service in Jenin and informs the school's principal that he is not coming back to teach. His midlife crisis is blended with a trauma caused by the loss of his friend, in front of his eyes, killed by a gunshot of a sniper in an observation post.

His wife, a psychologist, offers him to get away for a long vacation.

Eldi goes for a journey in his own country ...Incognito ...

An unknown world appears to him in the middle of Tel Aviv. A world of Turks and Romanians laborers, paperless immigrants in a shabby hostel.

Eldi examines the new situation; he is attracted to the hotel receptionist, a Russian girl escaping from an Israeli who had "bought" her to be his wife. Gradually he is drawn into the world of the foreign workers, while observing them from their own point of view.

"This identity quest with its dramatic twists and turns in a politically divided Israel is heartbreaking, compelling, and provocative."




Jerusalem International Film Festival - July 2005
Hamburg Film Festival - September 2005
LA Israeli Film Festival - December 2005
NY Israeli Film Festival - March 2006
Syracuse International Film Festival - April 2006
Chicago Israeli Film Festival - September 2006
Buenos Ires Jewish Film Festival - November 2006
Philadelphia JFF - 2006
Austin Jewish Film Festival - 2006
Detroit JFF - 2006
Dayton JFF - 2007
Tampa JFF - 2007
Triangle Jewish Film Festival - June 2007
Vancouver Jewish Film Festival - 2007
Jewish Community Center in Manhattan Film Festival - 2007
The Town Hall Film Festival - May 2008
Hartford Jewish Film Festival - 2007
College of William & Mary Film Festival - April 2007
Cincinnati Jewish Film Festival - October 2007
Rochester Jewish Film Festival - March 2009


• Five Israeli Academy Awards Nominations - Ophir Awards, September 2005
• Winner of Best Director, Best Editing, Best Original Score, Best Cinematography - Syracuse International Film Festival, April 2006