Israel, 2007 | 53 mins

Noga Gamlieli

Noga Gamlieli

This is a story of two Georgians sisters Maya and Manana, poor young women working in a bridal salon from dawn until darkness.

Like many of their fellow Georgians, they have been rejected and humiliated by the Israeli society.  But today they are proud of their roots and have one desire - to revive the Georgian culture.

Maya, a singer, has committed herself to produce a program of Georgian songs. Every evening, after a long day of work, she records an album and rehearses the show with her sister Manana and a group of dancers.

Maya will be the first Georgian woman to put on her own show and will have to deal with the patronizing attitude of male singers. Will she succeed?


Georgia My Love is the first film in the series THE REVIVERS, exploring the diversity of Israeli society and culture through the eyes of young Isralis attempting to revive and preserve their cultural heritage.
Other films in the series are: Ladino - 500 Years Young, and Children of the Bible


San Francisco Jewish Film Festival 2008
Flahertiana International Documentary Film Festival 2008, Perm
Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival 2007