Israel/ USA, 2007 | 75 mins

Hilla Medalia

Hilla Medalia, John Priddy, Ed Priddy

After two 17-year-old girls - one an Israeli, the other a Palestinian suicide bomber - die in a Jerusalem market, their mothers confront each other, revealing a microcosm of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the complexity of reconciliation.

Through the personal stories of the two families' losses and by contrasting the lives and deaths of these two teenage girls, TO DIE IN JERUSALEM offers a personal human perspective that is all too often eclipsed by political issues.



Kimball Theater Film Festival - November 2007
SIU Radio & TV Film Festival - October 2007
Washington Jewish Film Festival - December 2007
Jewish Community Center of Staten Island - November 2007
Washington University Film Festival - November 2007
University of Iowa Film Festival - November 2007
Young Israel of St. Luis Film Festival - November 2007
Duke Conversations Film Festival - November 2007

Hillel of St. Luis Film Festival - November 2007
Jewish Community Center in Manhattan Film Festival - February 2008
Georgetown University Film Festival - April 2008

Detroit Jewish Film Festival - April 2008
JCC of Mid-Westchester - April 2008
Temple Ahavat Shalom - March 2008
Hoff Theater Film Festival - April 2008
Isratim Film Festival - March 2008
American University Students for Israel - April 2008
Foreign Exchanges Film Festival - March 2008
Omaha Jewish Film Festival - April 2008
Jewish Community Center of Omaha Festival - April 2008
Fondazione per il libro Film Festival - May 2008
Stockholm Jewish Film Festival - May 2008
Santa Clara University Film Festival - May 2008
The Fiuggi Family Festival - July 2008
Zeitgeist Multi-disciplinary Arts Center Film Festival - August 2008
The Israeli Experience Film Festival - August 2008
University of Florida Film Festival - November 2008
Aitz Hayim Center for Jewish Living Film Festival - May 2008
Wesleyan University Film Festival - April 2009
UCSB Film Festival - May 2009
AMICA Film Festival- November 2009


JEWISH MOTIFS WARSAW Film Festival - May 2008