Since its establishment, Dragoman Films has become a leading source of award-winning cinema in North America, both as a distributor, and as an advisor to numerous organizations in their film programming and film initiatives. Dragoman Films is known and appreciated for its creative and innovative approach to film distribution and programming. The following are some of the film initiatives Dragoman Films currently serves. To learn more on how you can benefit from our expertise, please contact us. 



Other Israel Film Festival

For the past four years Dragoman Films' founder & Managing Director, Ravit Turjeman, serves as Festival Director for the Other Israel Film Festival.
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ReelAbilities: NY Disabilities Film Festival

Dragoman Films' founder & Managing Director, Ravit Turjeman, serves as Festival Co-Director of Reelabilities: NY Disabilites Film Festival since its inaugural edition in 2008.
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NY Sephardic Jewish Film Festival

Dragoman Films' founder & Managing Director, Ravit Turjeman, came on board of the NY Sephardic Jewish Film Festival as a Festival Program Director since its 12th edition in 2007.
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Israel Film Center & Online Database

The Israel Film Center introduces the first of its kind online database of Israeli cinema, viewing library, and professional services for Israeli filmmakers, American film presenters, and film fans. Dragoman Films consults the Israel Film Center since its planning stages on strategic development, content, and marketing.
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Dragoman Films Advisory Services

Dragoman Films offers a unique specialty in grass-rout marketing and distribution to niche based markets throughout North America. Our expertise is in identifying and creating new and existing audiences for each film, allowing maximization of exposure and revenue from various non-theatrical markets. Such focus and specialty allows us to work in close collaboration with other parties involved in the distribution process, utilizing the non-theatrical markets to compliment and enhance other distribution channels, such as TV broadcast, theatrical release, and DVD sales.
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Ravit Turjeman, Dragoman Films' founder and managing director is a frequent speaker in various cultural, community, and educational venues and events; among them Syracuse International Film Festival, Miami Jewish Film Festival, Hamptons International Film Festival, The JCC on the Palisades, NY Dept. of Education Teachers' Training, Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema and more. Contact us to schedule a speaking engagement.