"Out of linguistic confusion emerged those who interpret one people,
its culture and its worldview to another.

The dragoman, translator, begins in Genesis as the Hebrew melitz;
more often it means something like intercesor or advocate or even ambassador."



Dragoman Films was founded in 2005 to provide an answer to the growing demand for professional and specialized representation, marketing and distribution of Israeli Cinema and Television in North America.

Since its establishment, Dragoman Films' focus on distribution of Israeli cinema in North America evolved and expanded to apply its creative solutions and unique marketing strategies to distribution of all films (non-Israeli included) to niche-based markets throughout America.

This creative and innovative approach to film distribution and programming, placed Dragoman Films as a leading source of award winning cinema in North America, both as a distributor, and as an advisor to numerous organizations in their film programming and film initiatives.

As our name implies, we see ourselves as ambassadors of culture, society, arts and politics through the medium of film. We provide personal consultation and programming expertise to bring the most successful community, education, and entertainment values to your audience.




Ravit Turjeman

Founder & Managing Director

After completing her BA in Communications and Business Management, Ravit Turjeman served as the Director of Film and Theatre desk at the Israeli Office of Cultural Affairs at the Consulate General of Israel in NY.

During her four years with the Consulate, Ravit assisted hundreds of Israeli filmmakers and artists with every aspect of their film marketing and distribution. In 2005, Ravit founded Dragoman Films, bringing her extensive marketing experience to benefit distribution and promotion of films, filmmakers and film-initiatives in North America.



Sofya Elperin

Outreach Associate

A marketing and media communications professional with experience in marketing, media buying, business development, and online advertising, Sofya is leading Dragoman's outreach campaigns.